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Finding Balance in an Upside Down World

Kirsten Peters Roebuck 1 April 2020

Boundless Wellbeing

Times are strange and time itself seems to have become a bit elastic. For those of us staying inside, days can start to look the same and following the rolling news coverage can ramp up anxieties. With the structures of school and commuting, the goalposts of exams or productions, and the rituals of the weekend shelved for the time being, we need to find new frameworks for our lives. The Boundless team are all finding balance in an upside down world and we wanted to share some of what we’re finding useful. 

Last year the whole Boundless team and some of our associate artists and friends undertook Youth Mental Health First Aid training with the brilliant Mental Health First Aid England. Now that we’re not able to get together in person, we wanted to share some thoughts, resources and ideas for how you can support your wellbeing. We’ve spoken with our MFHA Trainer Kate Baum who is also a founding trustee of charity Invincible Me, and included some of their advice too.

Go easy on yourself

You don’t have to write a six part screenplay about being stuck inside or establish yourself as a top YouTuber during this time. It’s enough to take care of yourself, one day at a time.

Listen to the experts.

Stick to the key guidance to prevent the virus spreading, but also look to other experts for advice on how to cope with the current situation. Here’s some top advice on how to respond effectively to the Corona crisis by Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap and an internationally acclaimed acceptance and commitment therapy trainer


Take breaks from the news.

You don’t need to be glued to the latest developments. If you want to stay up to date, think about scheduling times when you’ll look at the news so you’re doing it mindfully rather than scrolling til you feel overwhelmed.

Move yourself. Dance, stretch, do some yoga, go for a run – whatever makes you feel good. YouTube is full of free workouts to keep you active and mentally fresh. Producer Kirsten’s recommendations are: Scola Dondo, Yoga with Adriene and, of course, the nation’s PE teacher Joe Wicks. Endorphins make you happy, it is what it is.

Stay in touch.

Reach out to friends and family. Check in on people. You don’t have to talk about Coronavirus if you don’t want to – chat about what people are watching, cooking or the latest in lock down fashion.Your support network are still there, even if you’re not seeing each other in person at the moment. Other suggestions for video call activities include cook-alongs, group exercise classes, pub quizzes, life drawing, treasure hunts (of obscure things everyone will probably already have in their house/have to draw or create) – send us any other ideas!

Create a schedule.

Set out your plan for the day ahead with intentions for what you’re planning to achieve – even if that’s as simple as showering, putting the bins out, videocalling a friend and making a playlist. Make sure each day includes something you enjoy!

Working from home? Mental Health First Aid England have some great advice – from setting up your workspace to being your whole self at work, even when you’re away from the workplace


Not only that, the Boundless Team have created an ever-evolving playlist of bangers to keep your ears happy while you live the #WFH life.

The Boundless team are continuing to work on our Boundless Wellbeing programme after last month’s pilot event, so watch this space for opportunities to join us for wellbeing support. 

In the meantime, get in touch with ideas of how you’re taking care of yourself during the Lock Down, and we’ll be sure to share them on our social channels. you can reach out or follow us @boundlessabound

The Boundless office in Bermondsey is closed and the team are working remotely from home.

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We’re looking forward to launching our fiction podcast Radio Elusia later this spring and seeing you at a Boundless live show soon.