Boundless Theatre

Boundless Drama Club

The Boundless Drama Club is for anyone starting out in theatre.

Access funding, creative opportunities, workshops and advice in a diverse community.

Through online membership, you’ll have access to high quality creative resources, challenges and masterclasses, mentoring and real time connections to peers and the Boundless team.

If you’re starting out, start with us. 

Since it’s launch 2022, we’ve hosted writers groups and online and in-person workshops.

We’ve built video, text and podcast content with experts, held artist networking, offered exclusive ticket deals and had 1:1s with some of our many Boundless Drama Club members.

But hear it from the BDC community themselves:

The best thing about Boundless Drama Club is “having a network of emerging theatre makers all in one place.”
Our workshops are “friendly, engaging and supportive” and “knowledgable, kind and accessible”.
But most of all, our members feel “really involved, valued and challenged in the best way.”

Things we’ve done recently with the Boundless Drama Club: 

And much more.

Have ideas about what you’d like to see as part of the Boundless Drama Club? Email Joshua on