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Boundless Accelerator 2019: For Black Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Hue Gets Too Heavy by Ryan Calais Cameron. Nouveau Riche, New Diorama Royal Court Production, 2022 production photography by Ali Wright

We need your support

In order to support our community of 15-25 year olds, remove the barriers that so many young people face in accessing high quality cultural and creative opportunities and make sure our work is having real impact we must raise considerable resources each year.

Donations from individuals, trust and foundations, sponsorship as well as ticket sales for our productions are all vital in ensuring our future survival.

As a charity facing the impact of rising costs and competition for funds every donation ensures that more young people looking for ways to tackle isolation overcome mental health challenges and address skills and training gaps can be supported.

Below you can make a one off donation and join a growing community of Boundless supporters.

How to donate

You can donate to Boundless in two ways.  Why not make a recurring monthly donation at a level you’re able to (we’ve made some suggestions below) and support our work year round.  Alternatively, you can make a one off donation at an amount of your choice and support our major programmes of work.

If you would like to make a donation of £500 or more we’ll be in touch to discuss where you’d like to see your support have the most benefit.  If you’d like to discuss this or any other part of our fundraising work then please contact Boundless Artistic Director & CEO, Rob Drummer by emailing

Your donation will support

£3 per month / £36 per year

This option supports Boundless Drama Club members access creative content. This initiative provides young people with a safe and supportive environment to explore and develop their skills. Your support helps us cover the costs of workshops,  mentoring and resources, enabling us to empower young participants and foster their passion for theatre.

£5 per month / £60 per year

By donating £5 per month, you directly support the development of the Boundless Accelerator programme. This initiative provides emerging artists with the tools, mentoring and resources they need to advance their artistic careers. Your contribution helps us offer workshops, networking opportunities, and artistic development support, empowering talented artists to push boundaries and thrive in their careers.

£10 per month / £120 per year

£10 per month, will support young people from across the country access a Boundless Box. You will help us deliver a cultural programme in a specially designed pop up structure designed to reach communities with limited access to creative space.

£15 per month / £180 per year
You will contribute to the Boundless Advisory Group activity. This initiative brings together young people who collaborate with us to shape our artistic and organisational decisions. Your support enables us to provide mentoring, training, and resources to the Advisory Group, empowering them to have a meaningful impact on the creative processes and strategic direction of Boundless Theatre.

£20 per month / £240 per year
Support the training of our Co-Leaders. This groundbreaking initiative aims to shake up leadership training and provide new pathways for young people into positions of power. Your contribution helps us provide comprehensive training, resources, and widen access to participants, empowering them to become future leaders in the arts.

One-off donation of £250+
If you would like to donate an amount over £250, this will go towards supporting young people within our year round Artistic Programme. This could mean paying a young person to make their professional debut work on a production or be commissioned by us.

London, UK. 12.12.2019. Boundless Theatre presents Boundless Accelerator, at the Science Gallery , London. Photographer, Jane Hobson.


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