Boundless Theatre

Our Mission & Values

Theatre for a Boundless generation

Our vision is for a world where all young adults harness their creativity to lead culture. Where intersectional and inclusive co-creation promotes radical optimism. Next generation ideas inspire the future of theatre as a vibrant, powerful tool for change and sociable space for community. 

Our Mission

To set the stage for a generation who will change the world.

Our Values


We believe in fully supporting all young adult artists and audiences to share their vision for the future with us and others.  Our ongoing and always evolving support will ensure our community is resilient and thrives. We recognise 15-25 year olds are powerful and commit to dialogue and resource sharing to create work that better speaks to their lived experience.


We believe that by being radical and embracing disruption we can challenge conventional thinking and support young adults to lead creative lives.  By applying creative thinking to any challenge, we can build a more dynamic future together and lean in to change.


We believe that the best results come from collaboration with our community.  Creating spaces that are equitable, conversations that respect difference and solutions that are arrived at through diversity of thought are central to our vision for the future.  We embrace discomfort in order to collaboratively create needed change.


We believe in being an inclusive sanctuary where everyone is respected, seen and heard and will always celebrate the diversity of our humanity.  We believe in being an effective ally to those whose voices need amplifying and hold the belief that the very best is born from diversity of background, ideas and expression in spaces that are free of discrimination.


We believe in transparency and are an organisation rooted in honesty, clear about our principles and set the same expectations from all of those who work for us or with us.  How we achieve our goals and behaving with integrity is just as important as getting to those goals.