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Workshops at The Box

4 July 2024

Workshops at The Box are completely free to attend, check out dates and times below and find out if you need to book.   Cuppa Culture Friday, Saturday & Sunday…

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First look at the box programme in Scarborough

13 June 2024

Love Letter to my Hometown

4 June 2024

Sound Engineer / Podcast Creator Call Out

30 May 2024

About The Box

28 May 2024

Call-Out for Scarborough Artists

28 May 2024

Rewire: Thanks for joining us!

14 May 2024

Rewire: Looking Back

26 March 2024

Rewire: Meet Toby Campion

20 February 2024

Rewire: Queer Youth Art Collective

20 February 2024

Rewire: Meet The Poetry Takeaway

20 February 2024

Rewire: Bluerskies Mindful Creatives

14 February 2024

Rewire: Creative Voices Collective

13 February 2024