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#BoundlessAccelerator – Carnival by Natalya Martin

11 November 2019

When I found out my project ‘Carnival’ had been awarded the Boundless Accelerator Award, I was over the moon. I was so excited to get going, because I knew there…

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Why Dialogue with Europe Matters

Rob Drummer, Artistic Director 12 August 2019

Feeling Empowered…The Playlist

Keri 11 July 2019

Sing it, scream it, whisper it… Parakeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! Watch the trailer for our new musical

Boundless Theatre 9 July 2019

Meet Isabel Oliver #StageDebut

8 July 2019

Meet Lula Mebrahtu #RefugeeWeek2019

21 June 2019

Brigitte Aphrodite On The Inspiration Behind Parakeet

23 May 2019

Why We’re Excited To Launch Boundless Accelerator

Kirsten Peters Roebuck 12 February 2019

The Art of Self Love: Young Women Fight the Male Gaze

Laura Stratford 31 January 2019

The Battle for A Creative Education

Rob Drummer, Artistic Director 28 November 2018

Help Us Create the Future Now

26 November 2018

Watch Animated Music Video for Drip The Musical created by Matthew Robins

Boundless Theatre 7 November 2018

Real Quick – Shay Watches Youth Culture

2 November 2018