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Radio Elusia Game Jam

Are you 15-25 and interested in playing TTRPG’s, learning about how to make games, the world of Radio Elusia or doing something new and creative? Then this Radio Elusia Game Jam is for you!

Find out more and sign up here.

Deadline Monday 12th July 5pm


We rely upon the work of freelancers for theatre to thrive, they need more support to survive the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
Rob Drummer 25 March 2020

Our industry like many others relies upon the contribution and hard work of many freelancers to thrive.  From actors onstage to the technical teams backstage, writers and directors, designers and…

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The UK Is Not Innocent
The UK Is Not Innocent
Olamide Taiwo 7 July 2020

‘Black Lives Matter’ should not be a controversial movement. The movement does not dismiss the lives of others. Its purpose is to make non-black people and those in the position…

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Why We’ve Commissioned Boundless Happenings
Boundless Theatre 27 November 2020

Throughout December and January we’re trying something a little different.  2020 has been a lot and everyone working in theatre has had to find increasingly innovative ways to keep making…

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