Boundless Theatre

Past Projects:
Boundless Happenings

Join an online community and participate in four specially commissioned Happenings created by early career artists all exploring new stages for their work. Theatrical, digital and experimental, these new works offer interaction, connection and community when coming together in live spaces has been restricted.

This experiment happening right in front of you offers new performative ways to share the work of extraordinary artists with you, our audience. We hope these experiences may delight, inform and provoke.

You can experience the Boundless Happenings here.

Boundless Happenings are co-produced with Spy Studio and have been made possible thanks to the support of Bloomberg Corporate Philanthropies, the City Bridge Trust and the Wates Foundation.


Lewis Pickles Boundless Happenings Artist

I’m Lewis and I am currently studying BA (Hons) Performance, Politics & Society at Goldsmiths, University of London. I work across a number of cabaret and community arts settings, including a current project with Greenwich Theatre and theatre company ‘wipe your feet theatre’ where we explored self acceptance and body image through drag. I am an aspiring academic and arts therapist who aims to research and develop new ways of thinking about cabaret practice. I question how it can be used in new settings, such as participatory/community arts, education and arts based therapies. Unless I am frantically running around with my books flying everywhere, you can probably find me chilling in a charity shop with a green tea in hand.

Sarah-Louise Davila Boundless Happenings Artist

Sarah-Louise Davila is a recent, South London based, Filmmaking graduate from Kingston University, now specialising in audio editing, Foley, music and sound design. She aspires to work with sound in all media, ranging from TV and film through to games and radio, experimenting with its endless capabilities.

She aims to produce immersive and lasting audio, welcoming the creative challenge of bringing worlds to life through sound.

Sarah-Louise will be pursuing further post-graduate study in Sound Design as a Masters.

Nadia Hirsi Boundless Happenings Artist

Nadia Hirsi is an aspiring British-Somali Theatre practitioner, performer and film director. Her passion lies with exploring the suffocating nature of Black femininity and telling stories of radical female friendship. Her current medium of work is poetry and prose, which is currently exploring the unique experiences of an Afropean coming-of-age. She is also in her third year of an undergraduate degree in Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths college.

Yasmin Morgan Boundless Happenings Artist

Yasmin Morgan is an Indonesian-Australian multidisciplinary artist, finishing her Digital Arts Computing degree at Goldsmiths College. She is often attracted to the juxtaposition of nature and artificiality, through the meshing of colour and synthetic form. Her recent practice is concerned with the fabrication of culture, the corpus of collective ‘data’ we hold as a society, and the possible imagined futures afforded by the latent space of Machine learning algorithms.

Cherry Eckel Advisory Group

Cherry is a London-based writer, director, performer, and spoken-word poet. Her work often explores identity, family, and universal anxieties. She is interested in creating work that is relevant, empowering, electric, and blurs boundaries between disciplines.



Instagram: cherrytheeckel

Twitter: cherrytheeckel

Finlay Ross Russell Advisory Group

Fin Ross Russell is one of the original members of the Boundless Theatre Advisory Group and has been delighted to support the organisation in several different unique and exciting capacities over the course of the last four years. Fin is also the co-founder of Island Life Productions, having founded the company with his sister in 2011. Since then, he completed his BA in Drama, Applied Theatre & Education from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. Following a year working at Chichester Festival Theatre as the theatre’s Education Assistant, Fin moved up to Edinburgh where alongside running the company, he is a freelance workshop facilitator for Edinburgh City Council, LYRA & Strange Town. He is the co-director of the UK Centre of the International Theatre Institute and communications director of the organisation’s Network for Emerging Arts Professionals.


Instagram: islandlifeproductions

Twitter: FinNomad

Emilia Hargreaves Advisory Group

Emilia has been a part of the Boundless Advisory Group for a while now, and since completing the Certificate of Higher Education at East 15 Acting School in 2018, she has spent the majority of her time creating. Now training at MN Academy, Emilia spent her time in lockdown writing and developing stories and spoken word pieces, as well as composing music. Prior to lockdown, Emilia worked as a Drama Teacher at multiple local drama schools across Ealing, including Questors Youth Theatre and Yourstage Drama.

Emilia is also currently constructing her own series of short devised pieces, which incorporate her musical compositions with pieces of spoken word and physical theatre.


Instagram: emilia.hargreaves

Twitter: emiliaharg

Clíona Malin Advisory Group

Clíona is an Irish writer and director based in London. Her work engages with feminism and climate activism, often mixing disciplines. Clíona recently graduated from Brunel University London with a BA in Theatre and English, and she is now working at Jerwood Arts as Team Assistant alongside developing her theatre-making practice.


Instagram: clionama

Twitter: clionamal


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