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U R Not Alone a #BoundlessHappening

U R Not Alone created by the Boundless Theatre Advisory Group (led by Cherry Eckel, Clíona Malin, Emilia Hargreaves & Fin Ross Russell)
Boundless Theatre 2 December 2020

We Are Boundless

When the Advisory Group came together to plan their Happening, they were certain the thing they wanted to focus on was ‘fear’. In times as uncertain as these, fear can feel like a constant companion – whether it’s on a micro or macro scale. They reflected on the loneliness of fear and how it can feel as though you’re the only one with your worries.

Inspired by ‘choose your own adventure’ games and books of our childhoods, they used Twine to create an interactive experience that focuses on just that: uncertainty, disorientation, and overcoming fears. Fears were crowd-sourced from friends and networks aged 15-25 to distill down four key ideas that young people worry about. Despite the loneliness we can feel in our fears, the same ideas came up over and over. You can find a selection of them on the board below.

Loneliness is a real issue that affects us all.  If you’d like advice, we’ve included some resources and links below.  We hope this experiment demonstrates that, despite what your brain may tell you, U R Not Alone.

Before continuing make sure you have experienced U R Not Alone.

There are a lot of resources out there if you need to talk, we’ve included three that we’d encourage you to look at if you’re feeling lonely, or struggling with your mental health.  It’s important to find someone to talk to and the incredible organisations below are all available, all the time to help you when you need it.

Mental Health Support | Young Minds

Ways for young people to cope with feeling lonely | British Red Cross

Childline are online, on the phone anytime | Call 0800 1111


U R Not Alone is a Boundless Happening created by the Boundless Advisory Group (led by Cherry Eckel, Clíona Malin, Emilia Hargreaves & Fin Ross Russell).

Boundless Happenings are co-produced with Spy Studio and have been made possible thanks to the support of Bloomberg Corporate Philanthropies, the City Bridge Trust and the Wates Foundation.