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Why We’ve Commissioned Boundless Happenings

Boundless Theatre 27 November 2020

We Are Boundless

Throughout December and January we’re trying something a little different.  2020 has been a lot and everyone working in theatre has had to find increasingly innovative ways to keep making work, connecting with audiences and finding opportunities to do what it is we’re trained to do, tell stories.

At Boundless, we’ve been motivated by a sense of service to our artists and our audiences, most of whom who are early career and 15-25 and have seen so much vanish as a result of the pandemic.  For all of them, we wanted to make something happen and for that reason, we’re launching Boundless Happenings.

Boundless Happenings are four specially commissioned digital, experimental artworks. Performative, interactive, surprising and deeply personal, this new work, some of which is early in its life are made for young adult audiences to experience online, for free.

This summer at Boundless (virtual) HQ we were discussing the 60s art happenings that inspired the performance art that we recognise today. These happenings were social, experimental and real world comings together of artists and spectators and were driven often by youth culture, a desire to provoke and interact in a way that felt fluid.  These qualities inspire us today and at a time when being together in person is restricted, we’ve taken to digital spaces and created our own performance space on the website.

Launching on December 2nd, Boundless Happenings will all be hosted here at and you’ll be able to participate in all four over specific days and at certain times.  All the work is live and requires your input, which for us keeps us connected to what theatre does so uniquely.

U R Not Alone created by the Boundless Theatre Advisory Group (led by Cherry Eckel, Clíona Malin, Emilia Hargreaves & Fin Ross Russell)
Realness Revolution created by Lewis Pickles

We hope that this is the first step of many we can take in exploring new performance spaces for teenagers and young adults in 2021.  We hope that you will feedback to us on what you enjoyed and where you think we can evolve.  We can’t wait to make new work for our audiences again in person but until then we’re not going to stop finding all the new ways we can to platform the best new stories, from the most talented early career artists.

We hope you enjoy Boundless Happenings and will return throughout December and January as we debut each one.

Our Eden created by Yasmin Morgan & Nadia Hirsi
Log Off created by Sarah-Louise Davila

Boundless Happenings are co-produced with Spy Studio and have been made possible thanks to the support of Bloomberg Corporate Philanthropies, the City Bridge Trust and the Wates Foundation.