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Why We’re Sending Out Fifty Signal Fires This October

Boundless Theatre 16 September 2020

We Are Boundless

This October, we will be posting 50 Signal Fires boxes to teenagers and young adults across the UK.  Inside these boxes will be everything needed to build a small camp fire and a sealed envelope.  The contents of this sealed envelope are the product of 8 new commissions from a group of powerful writers co-creating with award winning theatre maker Nassim Soleimanpour.

Nassim has created electrifying, genre busting live shows that have performed all over the world. His smash hit White Rabbit, Red Rabbit written to travel the world when he couldn’t had by 2013 been performed over 1000 times in 20 languages by the time Nassim was able to travel himself.  Here in the UK Nassim’s work has been seen at the Bush Theatre (Blank, Nassim) and in Edinburgh, winning the prestigious Scotsman Fringe First award.

Like the rest of the theatre community, planning for the future isn’t all that easy right now.  What we can do though is rely upon the creativity of the best theatre makers to dream up new work that builds social experiences that matter for our audiences.

Boundless Artistic Director Rob Drummer reached out to Nassim at the end of August to see if he might consider taking part in our Signal Fires project and not only did Nassim say yes but suggested we might want to reach out to 8 new writers as well.  Here at Boundless we’ve been doing all we can to commission, employ and support freelancers over the past 6 months as Covid-19 destroyed the livelihoods of many and so we jumped at the chance to assemble writers under commission.

Inspired by the brief handed to us by theatre pals Headlong and ETT as well as conversations with a range of producing and touring companies across the UK we set about imagining new ways to get performances to 15-25 year olds.  We’ve settled on creating boxes that contain everything you need to start a small camp fire and will be compiling a book of stories that are sealed in an envelope to be performed by groups of audiences around the country in the final week of October.

Whether you and your mates want to get a camp fire started in your back garden or you’re a Scout wanting to plan something a little bigger we’ve got a Signal Fires box for you.  We’re going to be speaking with youth groups, colleges and other organisations over the coming weeks but also making it easy for anyone aged 15-25 to sign up to receive their own Boundless Signal Fire box.  Everything will be fire and Covid-19 safe and if you haven’t got access to the outdoors you’ll be able to participate too with our no fire camp fires.

Wherever you are, we want to share a positive, social experience with you, created by the very best theatre makers and developed exclusively for young adults.  We can’t wait to share more with you soon but until then keep an eye on our socials to meet the artists and be the first to sign up for your own box.

In October and November, fires will light up across the UK with storytellers and audiences sharing in one of the original forms of theatre. The fires will signal the vibrancy of touring theatre, and the threat our industry continues to face.

You can find out more about our production here.