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9 February 2023

We Are Boundless

Boundless SM Placement – Week1

I am Katie, a second year RADA Student and am currently with Boundless on a Stage Management Placement. Prior to the first day, I had a meeting with the Producer and Stage  Manager to allow me to further understand my role and what to expect going into the first day. Due to this, I felt ready to undertake tasks as Assistant Stage Manager and work with the Stage Manager. I am situated with the Stage Manager in the room, which is helpful for me to see where we are at with the show but I also can pop out at any time to Source Props or grab things for the room. In the first few days, I compiled a props list and an estimated budget which then allowed me to go out and source props eminently. Holding the props budget and sourcing really allowed me to hold responsibility and gain further understanding of the Props Process. Since I am in the room, I have had full enrichment of how the Company Stage Manager works and the things that they do I wish to apply in the future. It also allows me to step in at any time, if the room needs to be covered/ if notes need to be made or if someone needs to timekeep. This is extremely useful in getting as much out of this experience as possible and allows me to see all aspects of the job. This week I feel like I have been fully immersed in the production and understand that I hold a level of responsibility and value within the show. I am looking forward to seeing how the show progresses next week and I plan to get further involved with planning calls and scheduling with the CSM.