Boundless Theatre

Placement Blog – Elysse Graves

2 February 2023

We Are Boundless

Boundless theatre is a small but mighty company. I was lucky enough to be a fly on the wall at Boundless during a very transitional period while on placement for university. I study Drama, Applied Theatre and Education at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I joined the company in the role of Community and Producing Assistant. Through my time at Boundless, we received the exciting news about NPO results, began planning for the Croydon London Borough of Culture, saw the beginning steps of Accelerator 2023 and of course…FLIES.

Because I joined the company at the beginning of October, I joined the production journey of FLIES at the very beginning. I’ve never sent out AV checks to anyone never mind stage managers, sound and lighting technicians or designers. But Rowan quickly changed that and the creative team were contacted by the end of October. While waiting on replies the casting day quickly arrived. Boundless decided to cast from the BRIT school, based in Croydon, close to their office at Stanley Arts. This was my first time attending a casting workshop, and it was pleasure to meet the director Jules and see their mind in action. But not only this to also see the creative minds and personalities the BRIT school holds. Being able to attend the BRIT school and be surrounded by creative young individuals is beyond enriching. It naturally speaks to Boundless that young people are truly worth investing in every capacity.

I’m very very excited to watch the final production on stage at Shoreditch Townhall. Excited for many reasons; being able to see Jule’s directing, and first acting debuts but also seeing a show knowing the beginning stages. From witnessing people reading scripts that they’ve never seen before to then seeing them know it like the back of their hand. There’s something so special about this process being able to view a piece of creative material transform and adhere to the voices of today. FLIES for me is all about perception being seen, seeing and staring. FLIES is about the experience of vision, your version will be different to mine depending on how we present. This piece explores what it’s like growing up as a female and being slapped with the male gaze.

Another project while being with Boundless was the Boundless Roadshow. Myself and Rowan headed up to the great North where we’re both from. Being in a room with other minds who are involved in theatre, culture, writers, producers, actors, dancers… the list goes on. But being in a room with these individuals really sparks the ‘Oh wait…this is why I’m doing it’. Something my university experience for me has lacked. The roadshow made me hungry and excited again about the industry and about those in our industry. Also Manchester is great! It’s the north the people are much nicer up there. Although I am no longer the Community and Producing Assistant I will be keeping a watchful eye on Boundless and their creatives.