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Placement Blog – AD on Flies

9 February 2023

We Are Boundless

Week One – Assistant Director on Flies

My name is Bea and I’m on placement with Boundless as an Assistant Director on Flies by Charlie Josephine. The first week, although has been tough, has been great fun and I have already learnt and absorbed so much about the process of making a show and the amount of creative thought that is needed to communicate a hard-hitting message to an audience with clarity and precision. In shadowing our director, Julia Head, I have found that my first approach to a script has dramatically changed as Julia’s expressive and inventive methods provide a fertile ground for the actors and creatives involved to grow, learn and most importantly discover. I have gained such important experience on how to conduct a rehearsal room so that everyone has fun, is productive whilst feeling safe and heard.In my first week with Boundless I have constantly had a direct grasp on the action. I have been included in conversations that affect the show’s aesthetic and storyline as well as looked on to propose suggestions and discussions with the actors which I am honoured to have the opportunity to do. Within the first week both Julia and Ade (our stage manager) have created a professional and warm rehearsal room where everyone feels safe to express their thoughts and wisdom directed towards one specific, collective goal.