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7,401 Miles: Meet our Natives Superfan

7 April 2017

We Are Boundless

Here at Boundless our mission is to make relevant theatre for young adults and to connect the ideas, stories and experiences of being young today to diverse audiences.  We’re really proud of Natives, by Glenn Waldron which is currently on stage at Southwark Playhouse and are really enjoying getting to know the audiences who are travelling to see the play.  We’ve had a brilliant and engaged online audience for the play too but were especially excited to hear from Leonor Del Pino, who made the 7,401 mile trip from Chile to take her seat last week.

We had the chance to talk to Leonor, our bonafide Natives superfan and heard all about her experience of travelling to London from Chile and what inspired her to get on the plane in the first place.  We wanted you to get to know her too and so have posted some of our conversation below.  If you’d like to get in touch to let us know what you made of Natives or to get to know us a little better then you can follow us @boundlessabound or sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know everything that is happening here at Boundless HQ.

Boundless: We’re really excited to meet you Leonor, how did you learn about Natives and what made you travel to London to see the production?

“I already knew what they would say, I’m crazy to travel from Chile to London just for a play …”

Leonor: I found out about the play because I follow Curtis Brown Actors on twitter, ☺ when I found out about the play, that’s when I started to follow Ella and I also saw a series on ITV, with Fionn Whitehead (Him).  When I saw who the actors were, I was excited and wanted to go to London, But I found it difficult to plan the trip.  So, first it was about Fionn and then Manish (because I saw a TV show I Luv My India (an Indian comedy television series) and I started to follow each series that he worked on, and for that I have an app so that I am able to watch foreign television…

Boundless: So it was the actors who first got you excited about the play?

Leonor: Well, I also knew about John Ross (Natives Movement Director) because a few years ago, the guy I liked followed al of his choreography that he participated in or created…

Boundless: So you decided to buy a ticket and come and join us in the audience!

Leonor: Yes, all of you inspired me to buy the ticket for the play, buy the plane ticket, ask my aunt and uncle to help me stay at their house for 2 weeks, lie to my Professors, (I already knew what they would say, “I’m crazy to travel from Chile to London just for a play …”) Unfortunately my Mum is in charge of telling the truth, so I am sure I will listen to several things when I get home…

Boundless: What was it about the play itself that you were interested in experiencing first hand?

“Every post, tweet you made, every little detail, made me decide to be present on March 29th.”

Leonor: What interests me about the play, was the play itself, I imagined myself every time I go to check my accounts on social media, Every time I watch a TV series, or listen to music, download books, etc., every time I talk to someone over the internet, look at places I will never go, people, fashion… (actually not fashion I don´t care about that hahaahah!)  There are so many things, that’s why I decided to do it, for sure you would consider me crazy, for all I had to do just for the play., because that´s the truth, Each of you Fionn, Manny, Glenn, the laughing girl, the choreographer, the director and Glenn’s beautiful dog, you and your kindness, Ella publishing a story on Instagram when Fionn was drinking Tea. Every post, tweet you made, every little detail, made me decide to be present on March 29th. The dream is over the same day, because then there are 15 hours of travel (I had to search for the cheapest air plane in the world) and I must be in Chile as soon as possible to take care of my mother, my classes, to continue working, to continue living.

After Leonor saw the show, we caught up again to hear how she found it and whether the 15 hours it would take for her to get home were worth it!

Boundless: Hi Leonor! We’re so glad to have welcomed you to the performance, what did you make of it after all this time following us online?

Leonor: Hello, how are you? Congratulations on Natives!  I just wanted to thank each of you for doing such a wonderful play, my flight to Chile leaves at 12:30am, so soon and I just wanted to say goodbye.  This day, this week, tonight I will always remember it.



Our superfan Leonor Del Pino


I know that no one knows me, I’m just a simple person from another country, but can you please tell each one of you (the whole team) how grateful I am, to Glenn for having a brilliant mind, Rob for directing a play that I delight in every second, Fionn, Manny and Ella, they made the play even more amazing, so many hugs to Manish, to each one of you, the whole team, the squad, thank you!!

“I will always love you Natives.  You have unconsciously made a Chilean person, feel complete, so happy, honestly.”

This play should be seen by many people, it is so interesting, I interpreted it in so many ways, I really thought it would be different; thank God I was wrong, it was better than I thought!

The play is just how we are… all of us, people, teenagers, even adults, I must admit that I´ve seen adults worse than teenagers really, like immature, people live in their private world, wanting to be another person or copying stereotypes of others, looking for ideas, We forget to live hoping that ideas become true or how we want to be, how we don´t want to be, we look at ourselves in our world, we have all the answers in our hands with a single click, everything we want to know we discover in seconds, each one of us has the power of wisdom without having experienced it yet.

The play left me shocked, certainly the best experience ever, I had a hard time getting here but it was all worth it, thanks to each one of you, for making me so happy tonight, i will always love you Natives.  You have unconsciously made a Chilean person, feel complete, so happy, honestly.

Leonor Del Pino ❤


These extracts are taken from emails between the Boundless team and Leonor, published here with permission.  All photos are credited to Leonor Del Pino.

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