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We Will Probably Never Meet

Ryan Gilmartin & James Monaghan and Boundless Theatre in association with Peshkar and Eastern Angles

‘Coming from a rural, working class area my goal is to shine a spotlight on forgotten people & places. After our first phase one of the young people from Spalding reached out to me and said “that gave me the feeling that I had truly helped the person I spoke to & showed me the power I had as an individual to make change.”  Me & my collaborator James are two rural working class kids, growing up you haven’t got a National Theatre or a Royal Exchange on your doorstep, you’ve gotta drive two hours to see a gig. So I’ve been grateful from the start of working together that Boundless have really got that & they know how much this opportunity means to young people in Spalding & Bermondsey.’

Artist Ryan Gilmartin

Originally conceived through the Boundless Accelerator bursary programme in 2019, We Will Probably Never Meet is the second phase of this project’s development.

It will see teenagers from Bermondsey, South London (home to Boundless Theatre) Spalding, Lincolnshire (Ryan’s hometown) and neighbouring Peterborough (home of Eastern Angles) experiment together through a series of online workshops to explore how they can push the boundaries of what telephone theatre can be.

Over the summer, 20 young people will have a chance to get to know their peers in very different parts of the country as they work with Ryan and James to explore different ways of connecting with strangers through phone calls. This will lead to trials of the new piece with young people from Oldham (home of Peshkar) that takes strangers on a journey through an automated telephone system operated by young people.

The aim of the project is to create a template for an experience that can be replicated in different communities, with each performance being bespoke depending on the audience and artists’ interactions.


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We Will Probably Never Meet is supported by Bloomberg and City Bridge Trust as part of the Boundless Theatre Delivering Differently Programme.



Ryan Gilmartin Boundless Accelerator Artist

Ryan Gilmartin is a multi-disciplinary actor, theatre maker and video DJ. He has made work for the National Theatre, Royal Exchange Theatre and Sheffield Theatres.

James Monaghan Boundless Accelerator Artist

James Monaghan makes live art & contemporary theatre, often straying into areas of digital misuse. His work draws upon and subverts the traditional craft, tools and structure of dramaturgy, experimenting with form and radical DIY methods as a way of framing authenticity and shared experiences. It’s live, risky and often humorous. James has performed & facilitated projects all over the UK, Europe, India and Canada; and collaborated with artists/companies including Quarantine, Common Wealth Theatre & Sonia Hughes.


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