Boundless Theatre

Young Europe

21 Mar – 19 Jun 2004
Directed by John Retallack and Annie Wood

A season of groundbreaking theatre from Europe for adults, children and teenagers

In a major co-production between two of the UK’s foremost producers of theatre for young people, Young Europe brings three outstanding plays to British audiences for the first time. Two have already won great acclaim on the continent, with the third created specially for the season. All three will redefine the way you see theatre for young people; and all three promise to move, astonish and inspire audiences young and old.

A co-production between Boundless Theatre and Polka Theatre.

Kadouma’s Island (Mamie Ouate)

By Joël Jouanneau and Marie-Claire Le Pavec
Translated by Alan Pollock

Welcome to the island of Blupblup – a tiny little island, a long way away. It is here that we meet Kadouma. Tall, dark and as old as you’d like him to be, he’s Blupblup’s last remaining inhabitant.

But Kadouma is not without company. Mamie, a little old lady, has taken up residence in his backyard. Together they spend their days looking for Virginia, the rarest butterfly of them all… but their search is not proving to be an easy one!

‘Kadouma’s Island’ has been performed all over Europe, winning widespread acclaim. A fairy tale for young and old, it’s a comical, fantastical and ultimately beautiful tale of what happens when big meets small.

Little Angels (Piccoli Angeli)

By Marco Baliani
Translated by Teresa Ariosto

A woman and a man meet at night underneath an isolated street lamp. Together, they wait for the mysterious Man in the Overcoat who promised them both jobs. Could they really be about to work in heaven, making clouds with the other angels? Surely someone will come for them soon?

The setting is transported to London and the characters are two West Indians arriving in the city in the early 1960’s. ‘Little Angels’ uses physical comedy to tell a modern tale of the power of love and friendship in the face of unemployment.

‘Little Angels’ won the Stregagatto, the prestigious Italian prize for Theatre for Children and Young People and has been performed in several European countries.


By John Retallack and Usifu Jalloh

It was 1787 when the British founded Freedom – a mild and fertile land on the west coast of Africa, and a home for liberated slaves. It was to be a new beginning for a woman and her baby son, Sweetpeter.

In 2004, Sweetpeter finds himself back in London, having fled his ravaged homeland. It has taken him over 200 years to get here, and at 21, he has finally come of age. The British have saved him until now; surely they won’t let him down?

‘Sweetpeter’ is an epic new play from John Retallack (writer/director of Hannah & Hanna), which tells of one boy’s search for his true father and his own purpose in life. Using contemporary dance and music, it’s a modern-day story that questions what it takes to become a Young European today.


Komedia Theatre, Brighton
Lighthouse, Poole
South Kent College, Folkestone
John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
Oxford Playhouse
Priory School, Lewes
The Hawth, Crawley
Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury
The Theatre, Chipping Norton
Corn Exchange, Newbury
Hadlow Village Hall, Tonbridge
Polka Theatre, London

...‘Kadouma's Island’ is a brave piece of work that boasts some wonderful moments and an admirable dedication to completely innovative theatre practice. The Stage