Boundless Theatre


17–21 May 2011
Written by Tim Crouch
Directed by John Retallack

Tim Crouch’s startling and engaging take on three classic Shakespearean plays, ‘FairyMonsterGhost’ is a trilogy of three self-contained one-man shows: ‘I, Peaseblossom’; ‘I, Caliban’ and ‘I, Banquo’.

Each piece provides an exciting and original new look at one of three classic plays – ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘The Tempest’ and ‘Macbeth’. Told from the point of view of characters whose destinies are to watch the main action from the side lines these texts are for the first time performed by a new cast.

‘I, Peaseblossom’

The story of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as re-lived through the fevered nightmares of Shakespeare’s most neglected fairy. Funny, heart-breaking and ever so slightly crazed, ‘I, Peaseblossom’ is a gloriously anarchic dream of a ‘dream’,perfect for children and adults alike.

‘I, Caliban’

Events on Prospero’s island as viewed by Caliban, a puppy-headed monster alone on the island at the end of The Tempest, alone with his memories, his magic tricks and one last bottle of wine. ‘I, Caliban’ is a sweet and sorry tale about injustice, inebriation and missing your mum.

‘I, Banquo’

A blood-shot, storytelling journey into the heart of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, told through the eyes of his murdered best friend. ‘I, Banquo’ is classic theatre and modern story telling combined, accompanied by a severed head and 32 litres of blood.

“And coming back from battle, we’re met by three figures, like sisters… On the heath, with the weather closing in…. And what these sisters suggest to us…It sticks in our minds, like the blood to our swords.”

A Boundless Theatre (formerly Company of Angels) and Bristol Old Vic co-production.

This is a past production


Bristol Old Vic

Retoured to community and school venues in 2002

Wonderful. Magical. Totally engaging; a perfect way to see brilliant performance. Thank you. We were lucky to be part of such a stunning theatre! Community audience member
A stunningly simplistic and spankingly brilliant idea. Venue Magazine, Bristol