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Tower Block Challenge: Conversations with Gatekeepers

Boundless Theatre 8 June 2021

Ideas Space

54 blocks, 54 conversation starters with a gatekeeper.  If you’re 15-25 or early career then come to the pop up for a special game of the Tower Block Challenge, with a theatre gatekeeper.  Over the course of the three days we’ve invited a wide range of gatekeepers to play for 10 minutes or longer, in a safe and fun environment.

All of the questions and conversation starters are written by you just hit the button below to submit yours.  As theatre recovers from the pandemic, we need new conversations and to be in spaces with each other. The Tower Block Challenge is a relaxed way to speak with those in power across our industry.


The Boundless Ideas Space is open from 9.30am each day from the 24th – 26th June.  You can drop in anytime as well as attend a series of special events, experiences, workshops and talks.

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The Boundless Ideas Space is made possible thanks to Arts Council England’s Culture Recovery Fund and kicks off Boundless’ ambitions to engage young people in new ways around culture across the country in a series of spaces.