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International Theatre Club

A European-wide project introducing students to contemporary European plays.

International Theatre Club (Pièces à lire sans frontières) was a collaboration between Boundless Theatre, Théâtre National de Toulouse and Théâtre National de Belgique. International Theatre Club (ITC) introduced 14–16 year old students in three different countries (Britain, France and Belgium) to contemporary plays in translation.

ITC took place over two years, from 2015 to 2017 and benefitted over 300 young people from across Europe. The six plays that were chosen to be read and discussed by British, French and Belgian teenagers were ‘Life Raft’ by Fin Kennedy, ‘Going Home’ by Vincent Hennebicq, ‘Cupidon est malade’ (or ‘Cupid is Sick’) by Pauline Sales, ‘Three Birds’ by Janice Okoh, ‘De Passage’ (‘Passing Through’) by Stéphane Jaubertie and ‘Tête à Claques’ (‘Knock His Block’) by Jean Lambert.

“This experience really helped them to feedback more critically, especially my lower ability students!”


Partnering with Mulberry School (Tower Hamlets) and Sydenham School (Lewisham) Boundless Theatre commissioned translations, delivered artist-led workshops, hosted an international event, and facilitated the sharing of experiences between students, playwrights and visiting artists.

Project financed by the European Union – Erasmus+.