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(From left to right) Actors Kiké Brimah, Serael Asphall and Michael Ballard

A schools-based project that put young people at the heart of the playwriting process. Co-produced with Volta International Festival.

Commissioners enabled students of varying ages to commission a play by a professional playwright which was then professionally directed and performed by professional actors. The students were provoked by the question “what matters to you now?” and the various themes, suggestions and ideas that were thrown up in discussion with the writer fed into the finished piece.

“She made sure that our ideas were heard and incorporated into the script”

City Academy Student Participant on playwright Camilla Whitehill (2017)

In Summer 2017 we brought Commissioners to a group of Year 9 students City Academy in Southwark.

Playwright: Camilla Whitehill
Director: Andrea Ferran
Practitioners: Lizzie Wiggs and Rachael Rayment
Actors: Serael Asphall, Kiké Brimah, Michael Ballard

Commissioners was first produced by Boundless Theatre in 2012.


Meet the Playwright: Camilla Whitehill
24 July 2017

What is the project you have just worked on with Boundless Theatre? I was a writer on the Commissioners project. I went into a school, met a class of Year…

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