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Anti-Racism Touring Rider

We have adopted the Anti Racism Rider as an important statement of intent and will work with colleagues from across the industry to implement this. As a company, we have made a commitment over the next 2 years to meet the baseline actions of this rider.  The rider is incorporated into our Equity, Justice and Inclusion policy and is subject to full review annually.

Anti Racism Touring Rider

Anti Racism Touring Rider Large Print

Anti-Racism Touring Rider Easy Read

Anti-Racism Touring Rider Checklist

Anti-Racism Touring Rider – Screen Reader




The Problematic Nature Of The Term ‘BAME’
Jenna Colaco 14 July 2020

The term ‘BAME’ encompasses the groups Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. It is, quite simply, a synonym for ‘not white’. The homogenisation of all ethnic minority groups into one acronym…

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Reflections On The Diversity Problem In The Film Industry
Angel Marilia 9 September 2020

As a young black woman, it is undeniably challenging to find people that look like me in the creative industry. There is a lack of diversity when it comes to…

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Silence Is Not An Option; Why South Asians Should Support BLM
Maya Dhokia 21 July 2020

Racism is something that I have been aware about nearly my whole life. As someone who is mixed-race, it is something that I have witnessed against the Indian community, something…

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