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Christian Sinibaldi, Advisory Group

We want to make relevant work that enables 15–25 year olds to see theatre as a vital part of their cultural experience. To keep us in check and to ensure we are being provoked to be ambitious with our plans we have an Advisory Group made up of seven brilliant young people who are drawn from different backgrounds: from theatre to parkour.

Our Advisors meet with us regularly to see plays, talk big ideas, attend events and discuss what excites them most about being young today.

“It’s happening right in front of you, you can’t press pause, you can’t stop.”

Fin, Boundless Advisor

To keep things fresh (and fair) our Advisors are with us for a year after which we welcome in a new intake. If you are aged between 15–25 and feel you would thrive in the role of a Boundless Advisor, please contact us at:

“Boundless Theatre to me means no limits.”

Ashley, Boundless Advisor

Do you want to join us as a Boundless Advisor? If you fancy a chat to understand what this involves drop us a line:

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