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Rewire: Meet Toby Campion

Power For Good at Leicester City Football Club
20 February 2024


Toby Campion brings Poetry Workshop: Better out than in?

Created for and by young people, Rewire is an exciting day of workshops and positive conversations exploring mental health on Saturday 24 February. The day will be filled with participatory experiences, projects and workshops to ensure you leave feeling uplifted and rewired.

Get to know Toby Campion

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Poetry Workshop: Better out than in? with Toby Campion

Poetry and spoken word are often championed as go-to mediums of creative catharsis. But how healthy is it to think of art in this way? How do we take care of ourselves when being asked to ‘dig deep’? What is the future for young artists in a sector that tells them their biggest asset is their trauma?

In this relaxed and open writing workshop with former UK National Poetry Slam Winner Toby Campion, you’ll explore ways to approach writing the personal by avoiding the pedagogy of ‘bare your soul’.

Through prompts and exercises, you’ll leave the workshop with at least one draft of a new piece of writing.

Share five words that describe your work around mental health…

Do what feels right babe


Power For Good at Leicester City Football Club

Join us and Creative Voices Collective at Rewire on Saturday 24 February at Stanley Arts

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