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Rewire: Bluerskies Mindful Creatives

14 February 2024


Bluerskies Mindful Creatives are bringing Creating Mindfully to Rewire!

Created for and by young people, Rewire is an exciting day of workshops and positive conversations exploring mental health on Saturday 24 February. The day will be filled with participatory experiences, projects and workshops to ensure you leave feeling uplifted and rewired.

Get to know Bluerskies Mindful Creatives

Tell us about you, who are you and what do you do?

Charlotte & Kirsty from BMC are mindful artists believing that art is a valuable tool for wellbeing. Responding to mindful prompts the participants of the event will create individual art pieces that will come together to create one artwork, sharing positivity and inspiring others. Bringing the community together through mindful creation.

Share five words that describe your work around mental health…

Mindfulness, art, wellbeing, process, inspire


Why do you think conversations around youth mental health are so important?

By interacting with art and learning how to be mindful, provides people with the tools to maintaining Mental Health in their daily lives. Adopting these at a young age is valuable to carry through life.

Share a bit about what you’re bringing to REWIRE?

We are creating a collaborative artwork where participants will create individual pieces which will be put together to create a mandala.


Join us and Creative Voices Collective at Rewire on Saturday 24 February at Stanley Arts

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