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Rewire: Meet Allie’s Art Club

8 February 2024


Allie’s Art Club is a grassroots community arts co-operative!

Created for and by young people, REWIRE is an exciting day of workshops and positive conversations exploring mental health on Saturday 24 February.

The day will be filled with participatory experiences, projects and workshops to ensure you leave feeling uplifted and rewired.

Get to know Allie’s Art Club, who are bringing their activity to REWIRE

Tell us about you, who are you and what do you do?

Allie’s Art Club is a grassroots community arts co-operative that aims to create a culture of community by providing fun and inclusive opportunities for creative expression, collective care and cultural empowerment.

We believe in the power of art to generate positive changes for ourselves and our communities, and we’re committed to working in collaborative, equitable and empowering ways. We co-produce a range of artistic projects, events and activities where people can connect, express themselves, improve their health and wellbeing and work together to create change.

Share five words that describe your work around mental health…

Creative Health; Collective Care; Artistic Activism; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Lived Experience


How does your work champion youth mental health? 

We provide safe and inclusive spaces for young people to share and process their experiences, support one another and be part of a caring and creative community where we can work together to create change.

Why do you think conversations around youth mental health are so important?It’s important because it’s an issue that many people face and we need to battle stigma and isolation around it, and mental ill-health is an important signal that our conditions are not meeting our needs for safety, belonging and dignity, which in turn helps inform us to create the personal and societal changes needed to meet our needs.

Share a bit about what you’re bringing to REWIRE?

Our drop-in workshop will provide a space for participants to explore and express the relationship between their mental health and living in the metropolitan city of London.

Using thought-provoking prompts and a range of mediums, such as photographs, poems, newspapers and craft materials, we’ll create visual narratives mapping the emotional and mental landscapes of urban life. The aim of the workshop is to support participants to reflect on their inner experiences and how this is shaped by their environment, share the joys and challenges of life in London, and gain insights into how they can flourish within the concrete jungle.


Join us and Allie’s Art Club at Rewire on Saturday 24 February at Stanley Arts

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