Boundless Theatre

Past Projects:
This is Makina! with The Custom’s House

We’re delighted to be working in collaboration with The Custom’s House on ‘This is Makina!’ 

‘This is Makina!’ will be a unique theatrical journey that will blend the raw energy of Makina music with compelling storytelling, vibrant visuals and dynamic performances.   

Developed over six weekly sessions, in collaboration with creatives from the North East such as dramaturg Christina Berriman Dawson, DJ A.D.S and MC Drop Dead Fred, we’ll work with young people from the region who share a deep passion for the hyperlocal music genre of Makina. 

Directing the project will be Boundless Theatre creative associate Pav Christodoulou. Pav is an artist, director and dramaturg. His work spans live and immersive performance, games and game design, audio and sound design. Pav was part of running both the Boundless Drama Club and Boundless Accelerator, working with 16-25 year old artists to develop their own creative voice. He has worked both in industry and community settings with a wide variety of collaborators and participants including The Yard Theatre, Camden People’s Theatre, Phosphoros Theatre and others. His current work is focused on developing immersive audio participatory experiences and work that explores music and ritual. 

By working with Boundless Theatre and The Customs House, these young creatives will have the opportunity to shape their own narrative, infusing it with their personal experiences and connections to the genre. 

‘This is Makina!’ will invite audiences to embark on a thrilling ride through the pulsating beats of Makina music. Set in the heart of South Shields, this gig theatre experience will capture the vibrant essence of the region, intertwining local stories with universal themes of identity, community and the power of music to unite.  

Rob Drummer, Boundless Co-Artistic Director & CEO says: ‘We can’t wait to work with the frankly incredible The Customs House and their incredible young creative community on ‘This is Makina!’ We had the pleasure to get to know each other during our 2018 production of DRIP and now we’re excited to get back to South Tyneside and create a totally unique music theatre experience.’

Fiona Martin, Deputy Director of Learning & Participation at The Customs House has said “We are delighted to be working with Boundless Theatre, who are the UK’s lead on making work for young creatives, to deliver this exciting project with young people from South Tyneside. We are really looking forward to collaborating on what promises to be a unique project and piece of gig theatre.”