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Radio Elusia Game Jam

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Are you 15-25 and interested in playing TTRPG’s, learning about how to make games, the world of Radio Elusia or doing something new and creative? Then this Radio Elusia Game Jam is for you!

Boundless are running our first ever game jam  a weekend of tabletop game making online on 17th and 18th July.

Join us online for 2 days of game playing, game design tutorials and guiding you through making your own game!

How to sign up

Anyone who is interested and 15-25 is welcome to join. To register your interest click the button below. The form pops up on this page. You will get an email once you have filled it in successfully with next steps.

Any questions or trouble with signing up let us know at:

A bit more information:

Over two days you will play some games, learn about game design and make your own game! We will be hosting the Radio Elusia Game Jam online on 17th and 18th July, 10-5pm each day.

The days will be a mixture of  group sessions where we play and discuss games, some solo time to make games where you can ask us for any help, and breaks as well (we get screen fatigue too!).

If you want to find out more about Pav and Chloe who are running the Game Jam, check out their bios below.

If you want to know more about what a Game Jam is, or a TTRPG (Table-Top Roleplaying Game) Pav has made an ideas post that explains that here.

Are you ready to sign up for the Game Jam?


Chloe Mashiter Game Jam Lead

Chloe is a theatre- and game-maker with experience spanning tabletop games, pervasive street games, mega-games and larp. They publish original tabletop roleplaying games as roll / flip / draw, wrote for the Ennie award-winning Uncaged Anthology, and have worked as a writer, deviser and performer for interactive gaming companies such as A Door In A Wall and Fire Hazard Games. They have also worked as a game designer on Upstart Theatre’s mega game Republic, Coney’s remote game The Incognito Society and Parabolic Theatre’s zoom-and-text-adventure-hybrid The House of Cenci. Chloe was also Headlong’s Digital Artist from 2016-2018, creating audio game The Last Thing Left during their residency.

Private: Pavlos Christodoulou Creative Associate

Pav joined Boundless in 2020 as a 1 day a week administrator but has since developed into a Creative Associate, developing projects and working closely on Boundless Artist development programs. He also is Artistic Director of Dirty Rascals Collective and Associate Director of Phosphoros Theatre, and works as an Actor/Artist Trainer.
Pav is a 3rd generation Cypriot and 2nd generation South Londoner and is a big nerd too, loves playing Dungeons and Dragons and building computers and the occasional twitch stream.



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