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Past Projects:
Extended Universe

Extended Universe is a two year transmedia storytelling experiment co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union with partners in three European cities.  Advisory Groups of 15-25 year olds in each country are working alongside each theatre and four artists exploring the themes of power, utopia and youth culture against a backdrop of political upheaval across Europe.

Boundless Theatre is leading the project and partnering with four politically-engaged,outward-looking theatres from across Europe; Teater Grob (Copenhagen), Entropia (Athens) and Sala Beckett (Barcelona) with the shared aim of connecting more with young adult audiences and maximizing digital developments for storytelling.

Four artists have been commissioned to write four stories that all exist in the same extended universe, Elusia.

After three international meetings and artistic workshops, the 4 productions will premiere in spring 2020 with the project report in November 2020.

The productions and writers are:

Radio Elusia written by Nina Segal

Karaoke Elusia written by Oriol Puig

The Siege of Elusia written by Christos Ikonomou

Elusia: Your Dream is Just A Click Away by Zara Lea Palmquist



This is an extraordinary and exciting time to be working with three such inspiring and innovative companies across Europe.  When developing Extended Universe, we all wanted to honour the conversations we’ve had with teenagers and young people and better understand a changing Europe through the eyes of a generation who will live longest through the legacy of recent upheavals in the UK, Greece, Spain and Denmark.

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Extended Universe
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