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Kicking off. Speaking up. Pushing forward.

Amplify your voice with the Boundless Youth Collective.

Get involved and get creative!

Join us as we debut a new programme of work, co-created for and by 16 – 21 year olds from Croydon and South London.

The Boundless Collective is new for Spring 2024, and we’re diving headfirst into an electrifying theme: social activism.

A brand-new group dedicated to co-creating stage-worthy productions, engaging in enriching workshops, and amplifying your South London most daring voices. Focus your thoughts, beliefs and voices to enact change in your local community with us.

When? Free weekly sessions between February and April 2024

Where? Stanley Arts in Croydon

Who? This programme is for 16 – 21 year olds from Croydon or South London

Being part of the Boundless Collective means being part of a dynamic community of young creatives shaping the future.

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Boundless Youth Collective 2024.




Participants will attend weekly sessions between January and April and have the chance to be a part of co-created activities.

Join the Boundless Collective: a dynamic community of young creatives shaping the future in Croydon.