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Past Projects:
Boundless Boxes: Lambeth, Croydon & Leicester 2023

Boundless Boxes travelled to Croydon, Lambeth and Leicester in Summer 2023.

We’re tired of seeing the lack of spaces for 15-25 year olds to go to be social, creative and have fun. Youth clubs and centres have increasingly shut down, cultural spaces are feeling the lasting effects of the pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis.

But here at Boundless, we’ve developed a bold new idea to radically re-think the spaces available for 15-25-year-olds to be creative: Boundless Boxes. Supported by the Kings Civic Challenge, we developed Boundless Boxes with 15–25-year-olds and award-winning architects U-Build to serve as a new space for this age group. 

Explore Summer 2023 at the Boundless Box

Lambeth: the Boundless Box takes over Myatt’s Field Park

25 – 29 August at Myatt’s Field Park

With a community photography exhibition, workshops about wellbeing and a play in a day, Lambeth’s week was curated by our young project managers.

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Croydon: the Boundless Box in Norwood Junction

11 – 16 August outside of the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Youth Centre

With a range of free workshops, showcases, and art exhibitions, as well as skill-sharing opportunities, Boundless Boxes was a creative hub for young people to unwind and engage in Norwood Junction.

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Leicester: the Boundless Box in Victoria Park

28 July – 2 August in Victoria Park, Leicester

In Leicester we tried out still-life drawing and discovered the history behind capoeira, the dance infused martial art. We socialised over tea-bag making and then relaxed at an evening poetry session.

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Photos of the Boundless Box in Leicester taken by Ben North

What is a Boundless Box?

A Boundless Box is a pop-up creative space that can be used to learn, create, and share work.* We collaborated with 15-25 year old people, groups and organisations across Croydon, Lambeth, and Leicester to fill the box with fun activity in Summer 2023.  

Boundless Boxes debuted in July-Aug 2023, offering an abundance of exciting activities for young people to enjoy. With a range of workshops, showcases, and art exhibitions, as well as skill-sharing opportunities, Boundless Boxes served as a social hub for young people to unwind and engage in innovative activities. 

*What do we mean by sharing work? 

By ‘sharing work’ we mean presenting or sharing a piece of art, performance, or music that you have made to a group of people, either the public or some friendly faces. For example, a poetry reading, a dance, a read through of a script. 

Creating: You could borrow a box for free to do something creative in, like creative writing, drawing, rehearsing, or discussing a creative project 

Learning: You could tell us about what you do, and maybe share your skills and knowledge with a group of young people, so run a workshop or give a talk about a creative thing you’re passionate about 

Sharing: You could come to our curated programme of activity as a member of the public – we’ll have events like talks, workshops, and events 

Photo by Harry Elletson