Boundless Theatre

Theatre Café Festival

Feb 2014 – Nov 2015

The THEATRE CAFÉ model was initiated by Boundless Theatre in 2004. 15 events were delivered in 6 countries, presenting 92 plays (as readings or full productions), and collaborating with artists and citizens from 22 countries across Europe.

In 2014–15 Boundless Theatre worked in partnership with De Toneelmakerij (Netherlands), GRIPS (Germany) and Imploding Fictions (Norway) to deliver 8 festival events across Europe.  A key part of the project was the European Writers’ Lab which gave emerging playwrights from each country access to some of the best European playwrights to mentor their development of a new play for young audiences, and access to masterclasses and extended R&D. Young people from across Europe came together in an International Youth Encounter to explore the work of these European playwrights whilst gaining a ‘life changing’ experience.

Theatre Café Festival 2014–15 is presented with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

“From the point of view of the students, it had a more profound effect than any other project.”

HND tutor on Theatre Cafe

These are past events

Festival events

Theatre Café Danish Embassy
London, Nov 2015

International Youth Encounter
Berlin, Jul 2015

Theatre Café Woolwich
with the University of Greenwich and GLYPT
May 2015

Theatre Café Amsterdam
May 2015

Theatre Café Frankfurt
Dec 2014

Theatre Café Berlin
Dec 2014

Theatre Café Oslo
Apr 2014

Theatre Café York
Feb 2014