Boundless Theatre


18 Mar – 15 May 2013
Written by Torsten Buchsteiner
Translated by David Tushingham
Directed by Adam Barnard

October 23, 2002 – Chechen militants have laid siege to the Dubrovka Theatre. A story about protecting the people you love – and avenging their loss.

Olga and her daughter are settling into their seats at the Dubrovka Theatre in Moscow. They’re about to watch ‘Nordost’ – a family musical, a song-and-dance spectacular about the glories of Russian soldiers. Across town, Zura, a young Chechen widow sits in a van. Around her, other young widows, who have loved and lost before their 20th birthday. Outside a hospital, Tamara, a doctor, receives a radio call: Chechen militants have laid siege to the Dubrovka Theatre. This extraordinary, multi award-winning play presents three women willing to sacrifice their lives for the people they love. In this UK premiere, three outstanding British actresses take the stage with a ‘silent chorus’ of young people from St Edward’s School.

A Company of Angels and Salisbury Playhouse co-production.

This is a past production


Salisbury Playhouse
Theatre Royal Bath: The Egg
The North Wall, Oxford

And what a show… taut, direct and mesmerising.
... This is an elegantly staged, desperately sad and memorable performance in which the protagonists had already lost before the show even began. Exeunt