Boundless Theatre

Helver’s Night

30 Oct – 8 Nov 2014
Written by Ingmar Villqist
Translated by Jacek Laskowski
Directed by Hal Chambers

“I declare that there is disorder here! Things can’t go on like this, can’t go on…You must have some training. You must learn everything.”

Ingmar Villqist’s ‘Helver’s Night’ is a thrilling and gut-wrenching play that charts the relationship between Carla and her young charge, Helver. Helver is fascinated by fascism – not by the ideology, which he is unable to grasp, but by the bravura of the movement. As a violent occupying army rampage through his town, will Helver become a victim of this fascination?

From the winners of the Young Angels Award 2014, director Hal Chambers’ and designer Zoe Squire’s bold creative vision thrusts the audience into the heart of the conflict.

A York Theatre Royal and Boundless Theatre co-production in association with University of York.


This is a past production


York Theatre Royal

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