Boundless Theatre

Anne and Zef

26 Mar – 7 Apr 2012
Written by Ad de Bont
Translated by Rina Vergano
Directed by Ben Kidd

“Are you Anne Frank? You’re different from how I imagined”
“Prettier or uglier?”
“Dunno. Just different. More old-fashioned.”

An attic in Amsterdam. 1943. A house in modern-day Albania. Anne Frank and Zef Bunga both live in fear of being discovered. Anne is hiding from Nazi troops, Zef is trapped at home in a society where families avenge one death with another.

But they meet in a different world, and discover connections neither expects – a love of stories, battles with parents who have forgotten what it is to be young, and anger at inheriting a life you didn’t choose.

The Salberg Studio will be transformed into an aerial playground for the English language premiere of this acclaimed new play. In an energetic, visually striking and warmly funny production, two young people play, flirt and attempt to figure out a complex world with only each other as guides.


‘Anne and Zef’ won the prestigious Dutch-German Award for Theatre for Young Audience in 2010. This production is the winner of the 2011 Young Angels Theatremakers Award.

This is a past production


Salisbury Playhouse

A touching depiction of children leaping into the unknown with a kiss. Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
Have just witnessed an outstanding piece of theatre. The whole concept is unique and the acting superb. Audience Member
“…utterly breathtaking… the performance leaves a strikingly powerful impression. Salisbury Journal