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My time at Boundless

10 July 2017


Ange Marcel-Kassi, Year 12 student at City Academy in London, spent a week with us and here’s what he had to say…


What is your understanding of Boundless Theatre as a company?

I think that Boundless Theatre as a company, strives to bring back the joy in theatre that once was there. Their goal is not just to bring theatre lovers to their shows, but to attract those who would have never dared to step foot into a theatre. What I have understood from my time being here is that there is a lot of important aspects that are missing in some modern day plays, and these are the aspects that Boundless Theatre look for when making their plays. They look for the best way to meet everyone’s needs, especially the younger generation that have been left out. As you may know, not many teenagers would really choose to go to the theatre as it is considered tedious. I think the problem isn’t the particular play that they go to watch, but what relevance it has to the person. That’s why working here throughout the past week, I have understood that Boundless Theatre as a company delivers plays which a teenager and anyone else can relate to.

What do you think makes a Boundless play?

A Boundless play has a very unique twist to it, it is made to be able to relatable by teenagers. It tries to respond to important factors and points that most teenagers would be going through or facing, it tells us a story and not just a story that’s made up but the story that we teenagers live through.

What would make you want to see a Boundless play? Also, what would make it a fun evening out?

For me to see a Boundless play it’ll have to relate to something within this era, something that would capture my attention straight away, for example it could be related to sports or even gaming and music. There is not just one type of teenager, so there shouldn’t be one topic that the play is focused on. I think what others think about teenagers and how to attract them in theatres, is by doing a play on gang lives. And personally, that would not make me want to see it. But that’s why I’ve started to like what Boundless Theatre is doing; they are taking a different approach on the things that interest us as teenagers. And sometimes to attract teenagers it doesn’t necessarily need to be about teenagers being down or in the dumps, it could be about young people solving their own problems which actually was done well by Boundless Theatre in the play called Natives.

A fun night with me would be going to watch something with close ones and being able to talk about what we watched long after it is finished.

In what ways did you get an insight in to what the company does? What did you learn about its approached to engaging 15 – 25 year olds?

At first I had no clue whatsoever about what the company did, I was a blank canvas. But as they taught me and informed me more about their plays and why they do it, I started to understand more. This is a new world full of technology; most people don’t go to the theatre anymore so if they want a nice story to watch they would go on Netflix. But I learned that they are trying to engage teenagers more, by using what they like and what they find interesting and creating a new story that you would not typically get shown on stage. Theatre is an art form of storytelling and it seems to always be repeating the past. But if a story is repetitive it loses its excitement. So I think what Boundless are doing is telling a story as it develops.

What surprised you the most about working for a theatre?

The most surprising thing that I learnt about being in a theatre is the amount of paperwork there is and that I had to do. Also there is research after research after research…did I mention there is a lot of research taking place here. To my understanding, I would have been in a huge theatre watching the actor’s rehearse, or maybe in a room watching the writers come up with another brilliant play. But boy was I wrong. In fact I was in an office doing a lot of research; I had fun doing it though that’s the surprising thing. And a lot of credit should go to the people behind the scenes doing all these research to ensure that a great play can be produced.