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#FreePeriods Protest

12 January 2018


On Friday 20th of December we were inspired to see so many wonderful men and women coming together for the #FreePeriods protest in London, opposite Downing Street, a movement to protest against period poverty.

Led by 18-year-old Amika George, in partnership with Scarlett Curtis and Grace Campbell of The Pink Protest, #FreePeriods calls on the government to provide free sanitary products to all girls who are receiving free school meals. In October, it was revealed that one out of every 10 girls in the UK are unable to afford sanitary products.


Image @scarcurtis

The protest follows the creation of a petition called #FreePeriods, launched in April 2017. The initiative was started by Amika after she learnt about many young girls in the UK having to miss school because they couldn’t afford to buy menstrual products. The Pink Protest stands by the idea that “…sanitary care is not a luxury, but a necessity. No girl should be going without, however the reality is that in the UK, thousands of girls are missing school because they cannot afford sanitary care.”

We were asked to wear red and carry banners to show that we’re not ashamed of blood and no one else should be either. Speakers supporting women’s rights, such as Adwoa Aboah, Daisy Lowe and Tanya Burr attended the protest and delivered strong, powerful speeches filled with emotion.


Image @felicityhayward

We, as Boundless Theatre, feel proud to have witnessed such a powerful event that truly brought people together to fight for young women’s rights. The evening was filled with emotion and truly inspired us to keep celebrating young people and encouraging them to speak up for themselves and for those who cannot.

For more information about #FreePeriods HERE.