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HUH?! at Arcadia
Friday 5 – Sunday 7 April at Stanley Arts in Croydon

You’re invited to decode communication received from an off planet species and learn about their world. Inspired by the Voyager Golden Records sent into space in the 1970s, this playful installation asks the question – what can we learn from other ways of being? What is out there? And would we be able to understand each other, or would we just go HUH!?!

HUH?! Is being developed by Jesper Pedersen (Denmark), Produced Moon (Scotland) and Boundless (England) alongside designers, linguists, architects, scientists, alien trackers and behavioural psychologists.

For Arcadia we’ve been working with young creatives: Michael Sookhan, Umar Kamara, Purity Godwin-Malife, Kathryn Webb and Katie Penfold. They have created a fantasy world many lightyears away for you to explore: GOF.

Part of Arcadia, a creative and interactive festival taking place Thu 4 – Sun 7 April, sparking conversation, the imagination and activism to ‘re-forest’ our minds and places.

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