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Love Letter to my Hometown

4 June 2024


Love Letters to my Hometown! 

Home is not merely a structure of brick and mortar, nor just the place you find yourself in at this moment. It is a profound feeling of safety, love, and joy.. In the words of Jane your auntie who isn’t at all related to your mum, circa 2014 LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. it really is just that. A place you feel free, a place where you feel like the real you. It might be the concrete jungle of London or the salty sea air of Scarborough. It might be both! Wherever home is to you, it deserves all your joy.

We are looking for your love letters to Scarborough to form our ‘Love Letters to my Hometown’ exhibition. Highlighting just why Scarborough is home to you, what brings you joy and most importantly why you love the place you live. The world is filled with so much negativity and yeah, we know Scarborough may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is also a place filled with art and culture, kind and brilliant minds, and more seagulls than you can shake a stick at!

We will use everything and anything…. will be used to form our exhibition, here in Scarborough this summer.

This can be: 

All you need to do is write your town a love letter, it need not rhyme or be beautifully poetic (though we always love to hear it) and send it in with your name attached unless you wish to remain anonymous. Maybe a photograph of your memories. We are looking for letters that showcase just how dreamy your summers have been, how wet those picnics got or that time you climbed up to the castle only to be swallowed up by fog. 

Send letters to with the subject heading ‘LOVE LETTER TO SCARBOROUGH’ to feature in our exhibition, which we will create and showcase this summer in our pop-up creative hub The Box on the Scarborough seafront. 

We are excited to showcase as many letters as possible, but there is limited availability, so we will not be able to guarantee showing every piece. 

To bring your pieces in person, drop them at The Box when we are open on Foreshore Road, at weekends from June 20th. 

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