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Boundless Accelerator:

I’m not 18-30 – can I apply?

No, but if you’re under 18 we’re currently accepting applications for our advisory group (15-25 year olds who work closely with us to shape everything we do). If you’re over 30, we regularly open up our script submissions so keep an eye out for our newsletter announcing when they will reopen.


Why the age restriction?

For this particular project, teenagers and artists will be working together to create truthful artistic explorations of mental health and wellbeing amongst young people in today’s world. When speaking to teenagers they felt 30 was the upper limit of a shared generational experience.


I’m a fine artist – can I apply for this bursary to create a series of paintings on the theme?

The aim of this bursary is to develop a new idea and piece of performance that’s created in collaboration with teenagers. If through collaboration with other types of artists you were able to create a performative piece that explores young people’s stories (with direct input and shaping from them), you would be eligible to apply for the bursary.


I’m a student – can I apply for this bursary for a performance that is part of my course?

Students are welcome to apply for the Accelerator bursary, but the project applied for must be independent of your course or society.


Can this bursary fund a training course?

The outcome of successful applications will be a performance piece, and we expect the majority of the bursary will be spent developing this.


Do I need to have a DBS?

You will need to have a DBS, but this is something we can arrange with you if you’re successful if you do not already have one.


I’m excited to work with teenagers but don’t have any links to groups yet – can I still apply?

Yes absolutely, we can work with you to identify groups to work with and help to set up that relationship.


Can artists apply from anywhere?

As long as you’re based within the UK (and meet the other criteria) you are welcome to apply. We will support you in working within your local community and we hope you’ll be able to have a sharing in the area the piece was developed before it’s sharing in London.


What will the sharing involve?

We’re planning to get an audience of young people and industry together for a celebration of this project including sharings of all four Accelerator pieces in December in London. We hope this will give you an opportunity to share the work with programmers and producers, as well as getting feedback from young people.


I’m not sure how to prepare a budget for the application – help!

We just need a rough outline of how you intend to spend the bursary, so we’ve prepared two example budgets of how you might allocate the money. You should consider things like fees, rehearsal or studio space, any tech you might need to hire for the development stages, materials, and any travel. It doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed, but it should be clear that you have carefully considered how to use the money.


Can I use this bursary as match funding?

Yes, you are welcome to use this bursary as part of the funding for a more expensive project, but you must still be working towards the objectives of this fund and the December sharing.


I’ve got a play ready to go – can I apply with that?

This bursary is to seed new ideas and develop new pieces with young people. You cannot apply with a pre-existing work.