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We are Boundless Theatre

We create exhilarating, relevant and shareable theatre with and for young people and curious others. Our work responds to a vibrant and diverse global culture.

We empower, inspire and invest in future audiences and artists now and promote conversation, collaboration and exchange across the UK, Europe and internationally.

“They shake up expectations of what theatre for young people is or could be”

A Younger Theatre 2015

Young people driving change

We believe in the unlimited potential of young adults.

We celebrate the boundless spirit and power of a generation living in a volatile age, facing huge challenges but empowered to create opportunities.

We believe that young people will change the world for the better, and that with encouragement this change can be felt in the theatre that is made with, by and for them.

“Boundless Theatre is all about taking risks and not playing it safe. That feeling of WOW, I just saw that!”

Maya, Boundless Advisor

We aim to make theatre a vital cultural and social part of young people’s everyday lives.

We will discover, champion and produce the best new plays for a diverse generation across the UK and internationally.

We will respond to the global concerns of young people through commissioning relevant new work and promoting shared experiences, dialogue and exchange. We invest in a diverse future, now.

We will become a destination for adventurous audiences, artists and ideas.

We will produce the highest quality new theatre, and empower a new generation of artists to be extraordinary.

Our work will be created with and inspired by an empowered, young and fearless audience.