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How We Work:
Our Impact

At Boundless Theatre we are inspired by an ever-changing, vibrant and increasingly connected world and the important role young people play within this. The support you provide positively impacts on all our work in a vital way. We must fundraise at least a third of our income – over £100,000 every year – to deliver our vital work connecting more young adults to culture. This, combined with our Arts Council grant and box office income, allows us to invest in the most inspiring new artists and create the best new work with and for young people.

Impact on young people

We believe that theatre has the power to empower young people and inspire change on both an individual level and in a wider social context.  Your support will enable us to engage more young people and empower their diverse voices through workshops and projects both in and out of school.

Projects such as the International Youth Encounter offer life-changing experiences through direct engagement with young people from across Europe: “This opportunity to meet like-minded creative people from across Europe, to perform in a different country and be part of the first group of people to perform a new text was brilliant… …My time in Berlin was a time of self-discovery.” (Angela Legg on International Youth Encounter).

From the point of view of the students, it had a more profound effect than any other project.”

Lewisham Southwark College tutor

Projects such as the International Theatre Club, Commissioners and Creative Critics not only give young people across the UK direct access to leading European artists and plays but opportunities to directly influence and take ownership of our work.

You can support our work now by contributing to our Future Now Fund or becoming a patron of our fictional podcast Radio Elusia.

Please get in touch with us to discuss other ways in which you can support our work.

“The experience has been life changing, not only for the children, but for the staff involved too.”

Headteacher at Battyeford School

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Impact on artists

We believe that meaningful investment through longer-term support from page to stage in the most exciting, diverse new artists will keep pushing the boundaries of what theatre for young audiences can be.

Working with the best talent now to create relevant creative and cultural experiences for young adults is central to our mission.  We invest in artists so that they can explore new ideas and create highly engaging work for 15-25 year olds.  Boundless Accelerator and our Associates schemes are some of the ways we do this, as well as commissions and bespoke development opportunities.

“The encouragement and support from Rob and Kirsten has been wonderful.  The openness for us to use Boundless resources if we needed to (e.g. office space, arts space, online resources is something you rarely come across so that’s been great too. I also really appreciated the fact we could all attend mental health training for young people – I think this was a valuable/beneficial thing for us artists to do which I’m very grateful for.”

(Produced Moon, Accelerator 2019/20)

Continued support of £20,000 per year will enable us to invest in 2 new writers, providing a full length commission and the resources to develop this work directly with young people, ensuring it is relevant and exciting. Support of £2000 per year allows us to mentor a new Associate. With your help we can support the best new artists become industry leaders and create award-winning work for a young audience.
“Boundless have been absolutely fantastic in their support. As an emerging playwright, you have lots of great conversations with different theatres and theatre companies interested in producing your work but Boundless go much further than that and are actually prepared to take risks and invest in you as a writer. They’ve introduced me to young writers from across Europe, which has been inspiring and incredibly motivating. And throughout the process of creating ‘Natives’, they’ve inspired and encouraged me to create the most exciting and dynamic work possible – and to place young people at the heart of my writing.” – Glenn Waldron
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Photo by Richard Davenport

Impact on audiences

Your support allows us to reach new audiences across the UK and Europe. It allows us to create work that resonates with a target audience of diverse, globally-connected 15–25 years olds. This audience is often seen as ‘hard to reach’, but we believe they can and should be reached through work that is exciting, relevant and engaging whilst being accessible and affordable.

Your support will enable us to keep ticket prices affordable (average £10 tickets in 2015–16), and enhance the audience experience for audiences in the work on and off stage. It will help us achieve our ambition of making all our work accessible through BSL and Relaxed performances. It will enable us to tour further afield and take work to places young people spend time.

“I am quite speechless.  That was amazing.  So powerful.”

Audience member, ‘Nordost’

In a time of increasing nationalism and inward-focused politics across Europe, we believe it is more important than ever to give our audiences a connection to the wider world. Our work on and off stage creates dialogue and exchange across geographical and cultural divides. We need your support more than ever to ensure young people and artists continue to have the opportunity to experience the best European theatre, and to connect with their peers internationally.

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