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Barbican #RealQuick

We Watch Youth Culture

Real Quick is the Barbican’s new platform for rapid responses to the state of the world, encouraging artists and audiences to explore ideas and issues at moments when it feels urgent to do so.

This platform aims to become an outlet for the energy which so often stems from moments of political, social and cultural change.

Three cultural commentators, Maya McFarlane, Shay Awoyemi and Cleo Thompson, are spending a week seeing, watching and reading art and culture from around London.
They’ll then meet at the Barbican to discuss what they’ve seen with a live audience; what’s exciting, what’s missing and what youth culture in the UK means now.

Book your FREE tickets and join the conversation looking at how young people and youth culture is being represented today.

Find out about upcoming events in the series via this page or on twitter by following @BarbicanCentre or #RealQuick.

Artistic Director Rob Drummer:

“We’re really excited to be spending a year working with the Barbican on Real Quick alongside Gal Dem and Verso books. Having the opportunity to test new ways to open up public buildings to new and young adult audiences is vital to ensure that culture is a relevant and representative part of teenagers lives. We’ll be experimenting a lot and putting co-creating with artists and young people at the heart of all activity”